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In the long tradition of Polish poster art.....

  Kaja Renkas, Ryszard Kaja Exhibition , offset lithograph poster, Poland, 27 x 39 inches / 68 x 98 cm, 2013. Kaja Renkas is a young Polish graphic artist and designer of posters. This is the story of my ongoing encounter with her art... MO 4/16 Discovery...... Discovering a new artist is always exciting - you see a work which pricks your interest. You look for another by the artist, and another, perhaps saying to yourself: "I like that. I like this artist's work. I don't exactly know why, but I do....." And so the journey begins. If they are well known or historic - for example - Vincent van Gogh, Max Ernst, Frida Kahlo or Andy Warhol - then the journey is easy, for publications, commentary, videos and ephemera relating to the artist exist and are accessible. You can start with a Wikipedia entry, or perhaps borrow a picture book or published biography from the local library to get an overview of their life. You study the artist's time line and fro